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YeeHoO's core belief and spirit originates from a mother's desire to take care of her baby. Since its establishment in 1995, YeeHoO has consistently focused on providing high-quality daily necessities for infants aged 0–3 years, and extending to the needs of those aged up to 6 years. From high-quality baby homewear and sleeping bags, to baby strollers and cribs, YeeHoO—a high-end Chinese brand for infants and children—has joined hands with top international brands for mothers and infants, to set up collections and stores that cater to the needs of babies and children. It has established a "Chinese brand, globally manufactured" model, and provides solutions in terms of clothing, feeding, sleeping travelling and companionship to families and children in China, enabling them to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle.
We provide premium life necessities to children
With in-depth understanding of children's needs and exceptional material craftsmanship and technique, and with attention to design details and modified spinning techniques, YeeHoO combines comfort with aesthetics, to create fabric that is soothing and provides the best care for your baby.
Craftsmanship – Tailoring

Years of experience in creating smoothness, naturalness and perfect fit.

Ingenuity – Sewing

Smooth fabric—4-needle 6-thread stitches that create a cloth that helps babies feel like they are in their mother's arms. 

Technique – Buttons

High-quality snap buttons adopted; every detail is taken into account.

Craft Spirit – Dyeing

Every technical process is environment-friendly and safe. Absolutely no harmful printing and dyeing are used.

Craft Skill – Measurement

Rigorous testing on the one side, the gentlest care on the other.

Craft Ritual – Feelings

With countless efforts, create a gift from the bottom of the heart—a feeling of happiness that pervades. 


YeeHoO was established; YeeHoO's first pure cotton baby sleeping bag and baby rompers launched.


YeeHoO launched outer clothing series.


YeeHoO's baby strollers and cribs launched in the market.


YeeHoO rated by the China Consumers Association as the "Only recommended product" in baby clothing.


YeeHoO broadened product categories and introduced partner brands.


YeeHoO vigorously developed baby products and created the "baby space" concept.


YeeHoO rated as "Leading Brand within the Same Industry" by Beijing consumers, as well as one of the "Top Ten Famous Brands in Children's Clothing Industry in the Chinese Market", because of its product quality, reputation and service.


YeeHoO won "China Brand Value Champion" based on (ABAS) Expert System Committee assessment


YeeHoO won "Asia Famous Brand Awards", and rated as one of the "Top Ten Excellent and Recommended Brands" in Guangdong's infant and childcare industry.


YeeHoO rated as "Guangzhou Well-known Trademark" by the Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce.


YeeHoO won "Guangdong Top Brand Product".


YeeHoO won the "National Certificate of Stable and Qualified Products for Quality Inspection" and "Parents Brand Star Home Supplies Excellence Award".

YeeHoO won "Consumers most favorite brand" award at the annual selection activity of children, baby and maternity industry.


YeeHoO selected as one of "China's Top Ten Children's Wear Brands".

YeeHoO's product won gold medal at the 12th "Star" Competition of Toy and Children's Products", and became one of the first batch of brands participating in the "Brand Self-discipline China Tour" activity, in China's toy and children's product industry.


YeeHoO rated by the 5th China's Consumer Economy Forum, as the most influential textile brand in 2014, in China's consumption market – one of the "Top Ten Fashion Brands".

At the 13th "Star" Competition for Toys and Children's Products, YeeHoO's "warmth-retaining baby romper ", won the "Innovation Star" for children's clothing and apparel.


YeeHoO won "Best of the Best" in Robb Report – "The Best Chinese Baby Brand Award".


YeeHoO by Traumeland Spring Air 3D sponge mattress won the gold medal at the 15th (2016) Windmill Award for Innovative Design in China's Toy and Children's Products.


YeeHoO won 2018CBME AWARDS of China's Children-Baby-Maternity Industry – Annual Influential Brand (Children's Wear Category).

YeeHoO organic cotton series rompers, won the 5-Star Product Certificate (highest level) of 3.15 Quality Grading Evaluation, issued by the Shenzhen Institute of Consumption Quality.



Every child, YeeHoO's growth ambassador.


Caring for children - humanity's future


Caring for your child with parents' love Parents' Love – Caring, Responsible and Sincere Team Spirit – Share Love, Responsibility and Mutual Benefit Craftsman Spirit – Dedication, Excellence and Perfection Embracing Change – Open, Change and Innovate Integrity and Morality – Honest, Reliable and Ethical

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High-end baby life specialist